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With an in-built feature of cleaning junk files in the MacOS, users feel there is no need to get software for it. However, it is not efficient and doesn’t help you recover GBs of data. This cannot be neglected and therefore you require a smart clean up software for Mac. One such tool is CleanMyMac X which declutters your Mac by removing junk files and creating space. This can also readily clean obsolete files and remove unused apps.

MacPaw has really gained a lot of followers with the new version of the CleanMyMac X. It has come up with many improvements in its interface to bring more convenience for its users. With one click you can now quickly see how much space is free on each drive partition. Along with that, you can also view how much RAM is available, how is CPU performing, etc.? This software lets you customize the menu for your system.

Complete Review of CleanMyMac X

It has different sections assigned to Cleanup storage – Photos, iTunes, system, mail attachments, and trash. Wherein you can find the respective files and re-check them before you delete them from your system.

Version: 4.4.4, released on 16th July 2019.

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 and higher, 145 MB.

Starting Price – $34.95.

You can choose from a one-year subscription plan or One- time purchase will last a lifetime. Comes with a money-back guarantee. Get different plans for your system, if you use multiple systems, you can get the best bargain for it. Plan is available as a license of 2 or 5 Macs at reasonable prices, so get this as a family plan or for your workplace.


How it Works:

CleanMyMacX smart scan

Once you download CleanMyMac X on your system, you click on Smart Scan.

Pros and cons:

S.No Pros Cons
1 Safe to use Costly
2 Cleans up Mac effectively Does not trace all kinds of malware

Our Take on it-

 We believe this is a one-stop for all solutions needed to improvise your Mac at a great price. You can enjoy amazing features which are so helpful that Mac works as smooth as a new system. You don’t have to worry about remembering to run a cleanup as it regularly keeps a check on it. We recommend this as it stands for what it says it offers. So, without any further delay buy it now and make your Mac clutter-free.

Download it here.

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