Display Problems On AMD Graphics Card? Here’s How To Fix It!

Several of you might already be aware of the fact that upgrading your PC’s graphics card can push your computers to the next level of graphics rendering. But like the usual case with adding extra hardware to a PC, graphics cards come with their own set of problems & issues. They can fail in several different ways, but there are generally some noticeable warning signs that give users plenty of time to line up with various solutions.

Since AMD and NVIDIA are the two biggest names at the forefront of the GPU industry & worldwide millions of PCs use AMD graphics to render & operate graphics. We’ll be sharing various common display issues caused due to them & their effective fixes!

fix amd graphic display problem

The Symptoms of Faulty Graphics Card

So, what kind of problems can a problematic graphics card create & what can you do to fix them?

1. Computer Crashes

A rogue graphics card can cause a PC to crash. These crashes can be varied from frequent computer freezes to random restarts and powering off.

2. Screen Glitches

You might start seeing tearing or weird colors occurring on your entire screen while playing or watching a movie. Most of the time, a simple restart can fix the issue, but you can expect the same problem to occur again.

3. Strange Artifacts

Similar to screen glitches and shuttering, a bad graphics card can result in bizarre artifacts on the entire screen. This can also be caused due to excessive overlocking, heat issues and even dust build-up.

4. Blue/Black Screen

Sometimes there will be no visual clues at all. A faulty graphics card can simply decide to stop working and not displaying anything.

5. Driver Crashes

There can also be times when your screen goes entirely black for a moment and when it returns, you’ll be informed with message, “video drivers have crashed & has to be restarted”. This won’t lead to a PC crash, but it might get very annoying when the message is frequent.

What To Do When Your AMD Graphics Card Is Behaving Stubbornly?

Are you struggling with the AMD Graphics Cards display issues? If yes, then it should be wise to know that not all the problems mentioned above occur due to failed graphics card. These issues can also happen due to faulty hardware. So, before you invest in a hardware fix or replacement, it would be good to start with the basic fixes!

display issues in amd grpahic card laptops

Solution 1: Check All Physical Pieces Are Connected Properly

Removing and then resetting the card in its expansion slot & reconnecting the auxiliary power cables can help you get rid of all the display issues on your Windows system.

Solution 2: Swap Monitors

There might be a possibility that the display issue is occurring due to the monitor. So, is you have a spare PC, hook it up and observe if the behavior is still pertaining. If the visual distortion still exists, then the monitor is probably not the issue.

Solution 3: Check Graphics Card Visibly

Try inspecting the graphics card by removing the side panel of your PC’s desktop tower. Ensure there’s no dust build-up and no visible damage. You can also try resetting the card by removing it from its slot and then placing it firmly back in.

Solution 4:  Update AMD Graphics Driver

Since drivers are responsible for making all your physical devices with your computer OS. Make sure that there’s no outdated or corrupted AMD graphics Driver is causing the issue. If that’s the case, it is highly recommended to uninstall and then reinstall the latest AMD Drivers to fix the issue.

There are two ways to update your AMD graphics driver: Manually and Automatically.

Manual Driver Update: To manually update AMD Graphics Driver:

Automatic Driver Update: If you don’t have enough time or computer skills to update AMD graphics driver manually, then you can get the job done automatically with the help of Advanced Driver Updater.

advanced driver updater help to amd graphic display error

Latest AMD Graphics Driver would be installed properly, so this should automatically fix all the display issues. In fact, you’ll start observing a great performance boost on your system!

Did the article not solve the problem you’re facing? Please detail it in the comment section below to get more help!

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