Exploring The Other Side Of The Internet: Dark Web

We’re sure a lot of readers must be familiar with the terms Deep Web and Dark Web. For those who don’t know, Deep Web refers to the vast network of websites and portals that are left uncategorized by popular search engines.

Interestingly, it is common for most people to mistakenly consider both Deep and Dark Web as essentially the same thing. Although Dark Web itself is comprised within the larder Deep Web, there is a major difference between the two. Imagine you’re exploring the depths of the oceans in a submarine. The visible portion where the light can reach could be considered as the ‘Surface Web’ or internet as most of us know. Deep Web could be compared to deeper and less explored parts of the ocean and the Dark Web lies right at the bottom, totally unexplored. 

What’s The Dark Web?

Dark web is just a small portion of Deep Web that you cannot access through your regular browser.  It’s mostly a home to websites where all illegal activities are executed and business is certainly good. Around thousands of dark sites hidden in the dark web deal in drugs trafficking, illicit activities, illegal pornography, extremism & explicit content.

A List Of Mysterious Things That Lurk Around Dark Web

There are some hackers also who are working for Government too, don’t just think it’s just a negative thing. There are plenty of hackers who help the Government with the aid of not only stopping other hackers but also protecting things from future hacking.

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Incredibly strange, but sometimes Government Testing is done behind the walls of Dark Web, to actively find the people willing to be experimented on. It’s the best example can be seen in the United States where medical experiments that are alleged to be unethical, & non-consensual, were conducted on human beings.

Although browsing dark web is not illegal, until you know where you are supposed to be & grazing information within your limits.

It is treated as an effective way to communicate because there is no trace of tracking. Dark Web is world wide web content that exists on .net which uses the Internet but requires specific software, configurations, and authorization to access. 

How To Access Dark Web?

Before diving into Dark Web, it is important to know that in order to access dark sites that are not available on Google. You should be ready with VPN (Virtual Private Network) to shield yourself and TOR Browser or you can say a Dark Web Browser, because most of the sites uses TOR encryption tool & it is also the main application for accessing Dark Web.

Steps To Access Dark Web:

While you are visiting dark internet, it’s very crucial to look after your anonymity & security. By using good VPN your internet activity will be hidden from your (ISP) Internet Service Provider and Government Agencies. As your online activity will be encrypted and hidden from cybercriminals.

You can Download Tor here.

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You can explore anything you want, but we would like to extend a warning:

While you have gained access to Dark Web. We would like to share some of the amazing dark web websites, which you won’t find on Google.

Best Dark Web Website You Can Explore:

Here we are listing some of the best dark sites you can check on Dark Web. But before proceeding, just be careful before you click any link and don’t check your curiosity level here.

If you are Dark Web newbie, Hidden Wiki can be the first & surely the best place to visit.

When you start browsing through Tor Browser, it won’t take you directly to any .onion site. To explore .onion site, you have to find its location and Hidden Wiki’ s  main page offers directory of sites, which gives you a complete list of active .onion sites with its link.

You can access Hidden Wiki here

If you are looking forward to hold bitcoins anonymously, then Dark Web is the perfect place. With the link below, you can access your cryptocurrency wallet, and though it may sound deceitful, but Blockchain for Bitcoins provides HTTP certification for the sake of assurance.

You can access Blockchain For Bitcoin here.

Sci-Hub is a platform which rescues scientific knowledge from all over the World. At Sci-Hub you can find more than 50 million research papers which you can access & download for free. It’s undoubtedly a haven for all the science lovers and a great place to visit, which truly aims to provide ‘Knowledge for All’.

You can access Sci-Hub here.

Netopoleaks is the network for police monitoring. This platform lets you upload information, documents & files in incognito to their web servers. After the upload is done, you will receive a receipt in Key Code. With that receipt you can communicate securely with the site’s operators. At Netpoleaks, one can also uncover or report any illicit activity that is carried out Police, including oppressive behavior and surveillance. All submissions are done securely and cannot be tracked by authorities.

You can access Netpoleaks here.

ProPublica is the first online publication which was awarded with Pulitzer (Pulitzer Prize is given for great achievements in Newspapers, Magazines, Online Journalism, Literature and Music Composition in the United States.) ProPublica is also one of the major publications in the onion world.

You can access ProPublica here.

With Freedom Hosting, you can host your own onion domain. This platform gives an opportunity to the people whose sites are banned due to their open thinking. With Freedom Hosting they can again host their websites anonymously. But the fact to remember is, you can’t host stuff which are illegal under American law.

You can access Freedom Hosting here.

At SoylentNews platform you are allowed to read, write & discuss your views & opinions at an open platform. This news aggregate site is much community driven, you can publish your perspectives freely. But as one of their main aims, SoylentNews protects Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press.

You can access SoylentNews here.

The variety of sites Dark Web hosts is quite astounding. Though there’s a chance that these might not be as trustworthy as it claims to be, but that’s a general look out to all dark sites on Dark Web, right?

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Nevertheless, Dark Web is certainly a territory too unchartered to be predictable or safe. . But with certain precautions and as long as you know your limitations to access certain things. You can enjoy the content plus the anonymity Dark Web offers is far better than most popular browsers and search engines.

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