How To Protect Personal Information Online

Tinted windows and locked doors can only protect offline data. But what about online personal information security?

Living in this digital age, we spend large part of our lives online and share personal information. In doing so, we forget we’re on our own online and a line needs to be drawn if we want to protect personal information online. Personal and financial information both online and offline is like a gold mine for cybercriminals. They can use it to access your bank accounts, apply for loans and much more. Hence, personal information should be treated like an asset, and we should avoid leaving it lying around for others to take.

How To Protect Personal Information Online

Tips To Secure Personal Information Online

Personal data security neither is a piece of cake nor is impossible. By keeping certain key pointers in mind, we can protect our privacy online.

Ways to protect your privacy online:

Ways to protect your privacy online

Not only this, you also need to keep a close hold on your Social Security number and ask questions before deciding to share it. Ask if an alternate method can be used. If someone asks you to share SSN number, ask:

All these questions will help you in protection of personal information. Additionally, remember decision is yours no one can force you. If you think sharing SSN or other personal information to avail the service or benefit is useless then avoid sharing it.

Moreover, you can protect your privacy online by using different and complex passwords for each account. But remembering and creating complex passwords for each account isn’t easy. Therefore, most people use password managers to create and manage users name, passwords across all devices.

But keeping all eggs in one basket isn’t right. Because even with enough security measures a minor flaw can lead to identity theft. Therefore, one needs to use alternate ways to protect personal information. Lesser the personal information stays on electronic device or online, easy it is to protect it from being hacked. Therefore, different methods should be used to keep personal information safe online.

Online safety isn’t about being 100% secure; it’s about not being the easy target.

Out there we find abundance of information to protect passwords, computers, electronic devices from hackers, malware and other online threats. But the information is so much that we often get confused, especially those who aren’t tech-savvy. Therefore, here we bring for you a straightforward way to protect personal information online.

Best Tool protect personal information online

We hope by now you must have understood how your personal information is used online and what are the risks involved.

So, here we tell you how to protect your personal information.

To protect personal information, you can try using Advanced Identity Protector. It is one of the best id theft protection tools that help secure personal information scattered on your Windows machine, like passwords, email accounts, banking details, social security number etc. Download it from the button below-

Features of Advanced Identity Protector

Features of Advanced Identity Protector

How will Advanced Identity Protector help?

Advanced Identity Protector is a simple yet powerful tool that performs diagnostic scan to detect personal information exposing traces like security numbers, credentials & passwords.

Using this identity protector in a single click you can detect any hidden privacy exposing identity traces. Once detected you can save them in built ‘Secure Vault’ or can delete them.

This identity fraud protection tool is designed to safeguard and secure personal hidden personal information.

How it Works?

This robust tool works in three easy steps!

STEP 1- Install Advanced Identity Protector & click ‘Start Scan Now’ button to scan the system for hidden privacy exposing identity traces.

Step 2- Once traces are detected by Advanced Identity Protector, you can see a categorized list, so you can decide if you want to save personal information in built-in  Secure Vault or to delete them.

Information moved to Secure Vault is encrypted and it can be accessed using a password known only to you.


What is Personal Information?

What Happens When Personal Information Is Shared Online?

How Your Privacy is Compromised?

What is Personal Information?

Personal information refers to data or combination of information that helps identify an individual. It may include your:

Surprised! Well don’t be, as most of us inadvertently give away all this personal information online. Especially when driven by a shopping site, email, social networking sites, gaming sites, online dating sites or on company website.

Certainly, life is about trade-offs but when it comes to online world this rule doesn’t apply. Here, what matters is personal information security. To attain it we need to make smart decisions and invest little time in securing online personal information. Therefore, to avoid online identity theft and fraud we should maintain privacy whilst.

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What Happens When Personal Information Is Shared Online?


When personal information is shared online, you may face following serious issues:

How Your Privacy is Compromised?

In the end we can say it’s up to you what information you share and how you plan to save your personal information. By being vigilant you can protect yourself from being a victim to identity thefts. The sooner you decide to take an action sooner you’ll be able to stay one step ahead of hackers.

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