Most Secure Web Browsers For Private Browsing- Safest Internet Browsers

If you use a computer, you’re bound to be skeptical or paranoid given the times we live in, with cybercriminals and hackers everywhere. Therefore it is important to protect your identity when online. This starts with having a secure web browser on your computer. The secure web browser not only allows you to protect your browsing activities but also secures your private information.

Wondering which browser to install? Check the list below to know about some of the most secure browsers to use while surfing online.

Before digging deep into the features of these private web browsers, let’s take a quick look:

Categories Brave Tor Firefox SRware Comodo Dragon Waterfox
Interface Simple & Intuitive User-friendly Simple & Beautiful Design Sleek Design User-Friendly Interface Simple
Speed Incredible Not So Good (If internet speed is not good) Incredible Good Incredible Good
Impact On System Resources Lightweight Lightweight Uses a high amount of system memory Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight
Highlighted Features Blocks Ads & Website Trackers Provides anonymity to servers and websites Provides tracking protection Blocks unwanted ads Provides Customized plugins and add-ons Blocks trackers & safe access to websites with integrated privacy tools
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android Windows, Mac, Linux, Android Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS Windows, Mac, Android & Linux Windows Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android
Chromium-Based Yes No No Yes Yes No
Price Free & Open Source Free & Open Source Free & Open Source Free & Open Source Freeware Free & Open Source
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Most Secure Web Browsers To Browse Safe

Using one of the safest internet browsers comes with perks such as Private Browsing, protection against Browser Fingerprinting, plugins, trackers and more. Let’s check out some of the most secure web browsers to download.

1. Brave Bowser

If anonymity is what you seek, then Brave browser is the one for you. Visit your favorite sites and support content creators with brave rewards.

Brave Bowser

Let’s check out the features of Brave Browser:

Get It Here

Pros Cons
Simple interface Still in beta
Loads pages 2X faster on desktop and 8X faster on mobile Doesn’t have keys to decrypt data
Blocks phishing, malware, and malvertising

2. Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the most secure web browsers which is a combination of Firefox browser and Tor project. It provides anonymity to websites and servers.

Tor Browser

Let’s take at the look the features of Tor Browser:

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Pros Cons
Hides you from advertisers & ISPs NSA can track you
Platform to host websites using secret services Still needs HTTPS
Access Blocked Websites Slow speed

3. Firefox

With phishing and malware protection, Firefox is one of the private web browsers. It comes with a smart location bar which helps you get to frequently visited or recently discovered websites.


Let’s take at the look the features of Firefox:

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Pros Cons
Eliminates annoying pop-ups Compatibility issues
Simple Interface Doesn’t resume downloads automatically
Customize browsing experiences with extensions Uses a huge amount of memory
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4. SRware Iron Browser

SRware Iron browser is one of the safest fastest web browsers which comes with great speed to improve your browsing experience. The browser comes with a clean interface that’s why it works for all.

SRware Iron Browser

Let’s take at the look features of SRware Iron Browser:

Get It Here

Pros Cons
Blocks browser usage statistic sharing No Auto Updates
Blocks Google instant suggestions D/L updates
Comes with integrated ad blocker to block pop-up ads. Javascript problems

5. Comodo Dragon Browser 

Comodo Dragon Browser is a private web browser which comes with advanced privacy features, great for safe and private browsing. It has the highest level of security and lightning speed.

Comodo Dragon Browser

Let’s take at the look the features of Comodo Dragon Browser:

Get It Here

Pros Cons
Fast & easy to use. Crashing issues on Windows 7
Lightweight Default Settings as Google Chrome
Provides unsurpassed speed Continuous updates

6. WaterFox

WaterFox browser is one of the most secure web browsers to browse privately. This firefox based web browser is free and open source.


Let’s take at the look the features of WaterFox Browser:

Pros Cons
Good for privacy-focused users. Slower security updates
Allows you to use older Firefox add-ons Stability issues
It is a highly customizable browser Less active development

Get It Here

So, these are some of the private and secure browsers you can use to avoid unnecessary tracking and enhance the browsing experience.

Which Is The Safest Browser?

All the browsers mentioned in the list are secure, however, we personally recommend Brave browser. The browser comes with inbuilt protection against third-party cookies, ad trackers, browser fingerprint and other malicious content. It is not only safe for browsing but also let you earn rewards by viewing ads that respect your privacy and pass on those rewards to content creators & publishers. With all the features including script blocking, ads blocking enabled, websites will load faster, and you will get enhanced browsing experience.

Well, this is our recommendation, you can choose any of the other browsers in the list. Which one would you choose? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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