What Is Stalkerware, And How To Find And Remove It?

A Stalkerware app is a type of malware that secretly collects information on the phone/computer it is installed on and sends this data back to the stalker. It is a deadly weapon for digital abuse that domestic abusers frequently employ to exert control over their victims. Physical violence and digital abuse frequently go hand in hand, according to public groups working on the subject of domestic abuse, such as the National Network to End Domestic Violence and the European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Domestic Violence

To understand how dangerous a stalkerware is, let us check what this app can do on your phone:

Stalkerware’s Legality

Stalkerware's Legality

The legal framework governing digital abuse, including stalkerware, varies by country. It is almost always against the law to record users’ behavior without their permission. This is where stalking software comes in handy. However, it’s vital to remember that the person who uses the stalkerware, not the developer, may be held legally liable.

As a result, stalkerware resides in a gray area. Although the combination of characteristics makes stalkerware illegal in some jurisdictions, many countries do not explicitly prohibit its production and distribution. Surveillance apps, on the other hand, are widely circulated online. In some circumstances, stalkerware can even be downloaded from official marketplaces. It frequently disguises itself as theft prevention or parental-control program. without their permission. These apps provide similar duties to stalkerware, but there’s a key difference: stalkerware acts behind users’ backs and without their permission.

How Can You Defend Yourself From Stalkerware?


There are a few steps you may do to reduce the danger of stalkerware infecting your device:

What Should You Do If You Already Have Stalkerware On Your Device?

Stalkerware On Your Device

It could be a clue that you have stalkerware on your device if your device’s power and mobile data are draining too quickly. Stalker applications consume a significant amount of your device’s resources since they must maintain a persistent connection with the servers that control them. Android device owners should be wary of apps with potentially hazardous permissions. If there are any unexpected names on the list, be concerned: you have no idea who installed these unfamiliar apps, when they were installed, or why they were installed.

You should also be aware that if you receive your phone as a gift, it may already have stalkerware installed. And it doesn’t have to be physically installed by the person who gives you the phone: some companies will install stalkerware on new phones and provide them in their original packaging.

Systweak Antivirus : A Perfect Tool To Remove Malware

Systweak Antivirus

One of the best ways to remain protected from malware is to install and run a reliable antivirus program regularly. Always have a reliable antivirus suite with real-time protection running. The real-time protection scans the websites you visit and the files you try to open in real-time, avoiding malware infection. This necessitates the use of Systweak Antivirus, the greatest real-time antivirus protection available.

The Final Word On What Is Stalkerware, And How To Find And Remove It?

Stalkerware, unlike most malware, is not necessarily placed with the intent of harm on the victim’s device. It can also be placed by a family member like a caring parent or a jealous partner. The intent would be just to keep an eye on the online activities and whereabouts (location tracking) of the person. Nonetheless, any tracking done without permission is a crime and violates fundamental rights. Though developed for a helping cause, Stalkerware apps have not been misused more than ever by malicious actors. Hence we must identify them and remove them as soon as possible to maintain our privacy.

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